10 skills every fashion designer must learn

Fashion Designing is one of the most thriving industries today which offers scads of career opportunities to ardent and talented individuals. Stepping into the world of fashion lets you pursue your passion as a career. It lets you make your name in the industry by yourself.

The Fashion Industry is abuzz with competitors, so if you want to have an enterprising career in the fashion world you need to be formally and professionally trained from a renowned college. If you’re looking for colleges which offer Fashion Courses in Kolkata iLEAD is the best option to rely on. At iLEAD they offer special Sustainable Fashion Design Classes which is quite rare. iLEAD offers a3year degree-granting course in B.SC in Fashion Design and Management, M.SC in Fashion Management which is a 2year degree course and B-proofing Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing (offered by very few colleges in India) which is a 3year degree course. All of these are in collaboration with ESEDS School of Design under MAKAUT. It is going to brush up on your creativity and open the gates for a promising career in the fashion industry.

Fashion designing may sound like a glamourous affair to some, but in reality, it sure is a tough row to hoe. You have to have the expertise of a few important skills if you want to make it big in the fashion industry.

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  1. DIGITAL DRAWING– In Fashion designing in reality you don’t design a garment, everything in today’s day is done technologically. Until and unless you work at an atelier which is not very easy to get in, you won’t be asked to construct a garment manually. You should be adept at using software and applications like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, etc, and after you complete the illustration the design is then sent to the manufacturer. Also, many times it is difficult to explain the intricate details through hand-sketch. Digital designing not only helps in faster decision-making but is also sustainable.


  1. UNIQUENESS– As a Fashion designing student or a beginner, it is important to follow works and designs of well-known or any other good fashion designers but ‘Uniqueness’ adds just the required flavor to your design. Having your own style statement is going to distinguish you in this competitive market. You have to have an eye for detail and make sure that your design is second to none.


  1. CREATIVITY– Creativity will lead your way, if you have a knack for designing and creating something awe-inspiring out of a simple piece of cloth is in your instinct then the Fashion industry is the right choice for you. Artistry skills gives your imagination life to a blank piece of paper. When you look at a piece of fabric you should have the capability to at least ideate what could be the best possible design made with that fabric. If creativity is in your guts you can you’ll never run short of new ideas and designs.


  1. VISUALISATION– Having an active and vivid imagination enables you to see the finished product way before it is constructed. By visualizing your garment beforehand you can give others a clear idea of your requirements so that they can grasp them well. It would help you anticipate your any future fit issues in your design. The better you can visualize your final design the more explicit it turns out to be on paper.


  1. COMMUNICATION SKILLS– In the fashion industry deem it necessary to have excellent interpersonal skills because in many situations it is needed to intercommunicate with the manufacturers about your design or about how you want things done. Also, you should know how to clinch a deal with manufacturers and sellers, and how to inveigle your Target Audience into buying your design. Having a good range of clothing is important but soft skills are the cherry on top.


  1. MULTITASKING– As we know this line of work demands a lot of hard work and your mind is supposed to be in many places. To administer everything systematically you are supposed to be deal with a lot of work at once. Having good managerial skills is undoubtedly a must. Fashion Designers are expected to cooperate and collaborate with a lot of people across different fields be it Public Relations, Promotions, Production, Event Organisations and many more. Multitasking is the key to stay organized.


  1. SOCIAL NETWORKING– Social Media is taking the world with a swing in today’s generation, you are not only required to be tech-savvy for creating designs on Illustrators but handling your business to selling your product majorly relies on Social Media at this moment in time. All the paramount social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are gates to fame and success if you know how to put them to use to pitch your brand. They have become a running medium for marketing colossally. Collaborating with the right influencers is sure to put your brand to display all over, that is how you gain buyers through social media. You need to get off by heart all the social media tactics like the appropriate time for posting, using trending hashtags, creating content so as to bring it to use in your marketing strategy.


  1. BIG DATA ANALYSIS– In this technologically evolving world, with digitalization flourishing all over the market we can say that Big Digital Analytics is the soul of every business. To serve the consumers according to their choices is what every business follows religiously. It is very important to analyze the consumer data in order to connect with your audience and use that data to know about the trend and to create and deliver designs accordingly.


  1. SPIRIT OF COMPETITION- You should aim at being ahead of the game all the time, that’s how things work in the fashion industry. You have to stay motivated and keep pushing yourself into setting the bars higher for yourself so as to keep trending in the market. Not only you have to keep track of all current vogue in the market but also set your own trends for others to follow. Be experimental and innovative to stand out, be original as well as unique.


  1. BUSINESS INSIGHT- It is very substantial and beneficial to get a hang of the market, marketing strategies, budgets, competitors, sales concepts, etc, to get your products selling. A good business strategy is pivotal in running a smooth business. You can be not so good from a few other fashion designers in the industry but if you have a sharp business sense you can get your designs selling more than the others. Creativity is the quintessence of the fashion world but to know the financial side of this world is of utmost importance or else you may end up bankrupt.

These are few of the most important skills you need to master in order to stand out stick in the Fashion trade. Always remember, be it any line of work you can never come through unscathed, you will have your part of obstacles and difficulties. This industry is crammed with cut-throat competition, in order to come out big never fall short of motivation keep inspiring yourself to be better than what you were. A career in the fashion business can be very promising because this industry is immensely burgeoning and will continue to be the same apparently forever.

Author Bio: Yati Gupta is a post-graduate media science student studying at iLEAD Kolkata. She has a keen interest in aesthetics, art, painting and also writes on contemporary technology.

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